Fold & Assemble

Fold and assemble boxes are easy to ship and occupy less space
Fold and assemble boxes are the kind of boxes that makes it easier for them to ship and occupy much less space as compared to other types of custom boxes. As soon as the boxes reach the end customers, consumers have to assemble them to use for their products, moreover, fold and assemble boxes is the category of custom boxes that are very easy to put together and require very little effort and time.

For example, cake boxes are the most accurate and ideal example of fold and assemble boxes that are manufactured, these types of boxes are favored by every businessman because of their minimum cost on business and it also prevents manual packing or other machinery for packaging
Diversity of styles and designs available in our library:
The styles and designs available in this category are very diverse and will be very useful for your brand promotions, to name a few of them are, four corner boxes, bookend boxes, and gable boxes, auto bottom boxes, printed hexagon boxes are all attractive and have striking looks, especially when these types of boxes are assembled, they are amazing to look at because the structure of small visible cardboard is very large and proves to be an adjusting carton.

As the name of these boxes implies, these types of boxes are shipped out and transported flat and are known for their fast and easy assembly which is created only by assembling them in the correct structure within no time. Furthermore, these types of boxes are often preferred for display purposes for different products and the items packed inside them.

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