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Check out the frequently asked questions about our custom boxes and custom packaging. We can provide stock product packaging boxes that fit your unique dimensions that have no custom design or artwork.

Yes, it's simple to track your order. Email is all that is required to obtain any type of information.

  • This procedure has a time limit. If you have already ordered personalised boxes, you have two or three days to make changes. Because the drawings are transmitted to our production facility after three days, and production begins the following day, Therefore, complete your artwork before this occurs.

You can absolutely give us your fictitious artwork, and we'll work on it to produce it just like you envisioned. It would be quite beneficial on your end. I'm grateful.

  • The world is developing quickly, and internet transactions have become the norm for doing business. We accept all means of payment for the convenience of our clients and to conform to contemporary trends. All other forms of payment, including Master Card, PayPal, Union Pay, and Visa, are accepted for order payments.



Indeed, Buy Product Boxes only needs the bare minimum to fulfil clients' requests. However, we only accept orders with a minimum of 100 pieces. Additionally, you have the option of placing a bulk order, which will result in discounts.



Yes, we do have a collection of different bespoke box templates in our archive. Of which, by the way, you're allowed to choose. Feel free to select from them as you will receive every box style and design as well as the ability to create your own.

We immediately begin manufacture following your order. There are two different delivery tenures, though. The standard shipping procedure, which takes 8 to 10 days, comes first. The alternative delivery process takes six to eight days at most. However, an urgent delivery will cost somewhat more than one that takes more time. Which order span do you prefer to use?

Our customer service professionals will keep you informed every second before your things are shipped. Similar to when your order is complete and you are given a window of time to get there, your doorstep.

No! Regarding the costs of the die and plate cutting, we don't have any hidden fees. Perhaps other businesses do, but we don't want to immediately put off potential clients.